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Window & Door Catalog

LAMATEK has provided engineered, proven solutions to the Window and Door industry since its inception in 1983 and we are honored to provide these solutions to many of the nation's finest wood, vinyl and aluminum window & door manufacturers ... + More Info

Fenestration is defined as the placement or arrangement of exterior windows and doors (from the Greek 'Fenestra' meaning window.) While this is the more formal definition of Fenestration, the term has grown to include both indoor and outdoor windows, doors, skylights, or any opening designed to transmit light or provide passage from one space to another. The Window & Door industry includes not only the manufacturers of these systems, but also the manufacturers of components used to make these systems, including:
  • Vinyl extruders
  • Balance system manufacturers
  • Window and door hardware companies
  • Lumber companies
  • Glass manufacturers
  • Welding and cutting machinery vendors
  • Gasket and tape manufacturers like LAMATEK.

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