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Weatherstripping Tape

In these days of escalating fuel costs, weatherstripping can provide a significant reduction in your heating or cooling bill. The California Energy Commission states:

Floors, walls, ceilings, and doors and windows all combine to make up the "energy envelope" of your home. Weatherstripping seals around doors and windows to help make your home airtight.

Weatherstripping is probably the least expensive, simplest, most effective way to cut down on wasted energy in the winter and summer. Improperly sealed homes can squander 10 to 15 percent of the homeowner's heating dollars and reduce the effectiveness of air-conditioning in the summer.

While most new doors and windows come with factory-applied weatherstripping, such designs are a recent innovation. Millions of doors and windows across the country have little or no weatherstripping. Since most doors have a space - sometimes as much as a quarter inch or more - between the bottom of the door and the floor, large amounts of air can flow in and out of the house. For a typical 36-inch entry door, a quarter-inch small crack can leak as much air as a nine-square-inch hole in the wall.
LAMATEK provides foam tape weatherstripping with self-adhesive backing. It takes almost no time to install and requires no tools (except scissors or a utility knife). Simply cut to proper length, peel off the paper backing and stick in place. Nothing could be simpler.

We provide our weatherstripping in a variety of materials to provide the best performing, least expensive seal available:

PVC Foams
PVC Foams provide a longer term, durable seal through their ability to recover from compression over a longer span of time. Their inherent fire retardency and UV (ultra-violet light) resistance makes them a natural choice for sealing leaks around external windows and doors. PVC Foams are also available in either black or light grey making them easier to blend in with your decor.
Rubber Sponge
Rubber Sponge provides an excellent seal with good durability. Like PVC Foams, Rubber Sponge provides a good seal against outside elements including moisture. Available in black only.
Urethane Foams
Urethane Foams provide good seal and insulating properties at a very low cost. They are not as resistant to environmental conditions as are Rubber and PVC and therefore should not be used where there is direct exposure to moisture or UV light. Urethanes do provide superior insulating values (R factors similar to fiberglass insulation) and are excellent hot/cold air insulators in enclosed spaces.

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LAMATEK is the world's leading supplier of the only muntin tape proven to work without any hazardous silane pre-treatments?
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