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Tool & Die

LAMATEK provides complete tool & die making capabilities in-house, to provide the shortest lead times in the industry for new products and protoypes, and to reduce the cost of ownership to our customers.

Need to make a modification to your part?
Many times LAMATEK can modify the existing tooling, rather than building all new tooling.

Need to make a prototype run?
LAMATEK can create small, single cavity dies to facilitate short prototype runs.

Tool need resharpening?
LAMATEK's one time setup fee structure leaves the responsibility of tooling maintenance and replacement on us. You'll never have to pay to re-rule or sharpen tooling used to make your product.

At LAMATEK, we create complex tooling layouts using in-house CAD design. We can use your existing DXF, DWG, CAD, WMF or SKF file to generate complete die layouts. Don't have a print? We can generate CAD drawings from your sketch or product samples.

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Up To Date
Our business plan not only includes adding new capabilities as customer needs demand, but also constantly evaluating our current capabilities to ensure we are using the most modern machinery and techniques to keep your products up to date.
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New Jersey is the only state where all counties are classified as Metropolitan areas.
Why buy from us?
Reason #6: 4 out of 5 dentists recommend LAMATEK to their patients who use foam...